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Just a note June 3, 2011

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Hi friends! Many of you have been supportive of my ups and downs with my weight by following the other page I have here on this site. It’s gotten a little awkward to keep updating the same post (don’t know why I can’t have more than one post on that page, but, whatever) so I’ve started a new blog to focus on my metamorphosis.

You can find it here:

Feel free to stop by and keep me accountable for the changes I’m struggling to make in my life. Encouragement is welcome, too!



Ready, or not! March 27, 2011

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T-minus 14 days until Baby Day.

It’s a strange feeling, waiting for the birth of a child. There’s a healthy bit of eager anticipation, but there is also a fair bit of trepidation – or what in the world have I done feelings – mixed in there. Life is about to irrevocably change. And even if, like us, the newcomer was desperately sought after for months before deciding to join you…well, it’s all still a bit theoretical, isn’t it, until this point?

I can’t wait to meet my new little man. And I’m so uncomfortable and ready to be done with being pregnant. But, it is dawning on me that this child is much easier to deal with still in me, than he will be once he arrives. Especially now that I have a 3 year old to chase after, as well. See? There go the “what in the world have I done?” feelings.

Wow…I’m so not sure I’m 100% ready for this…


Time for a Change January 2, 2011

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I live in fear of becoming my mother. Don’t get me wrong…there are wonderful things about my mom and those parts wouldn’t be so bad to imitate. What I really fear is the legacy she’s left in my body. The trifecta of poor health, bad eyesight, and serious obesity.

My mom, at 53, had to have a knee replacement. The doctor told her it was critical she lose weight, but she didn’t and now is just as crippled as she was before the surgery. At 57, she could not help take care of her newborn grandson. She couldn’t get down on the floor with him. She could barely hold him. In the last year, she’s added Type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure to her laundry list of ailments. I would never, ever leave my son with her for more than a couple of hours. She simply would not be able to keep up with him, let alone take care of him.
The eyesight I took care of in 2003 with LASIK surgery, but the health and weight…well, those are a bit trickier to tackle. Plagued during my childhood with health problems, a distinct lack of exercise led me to be a bit heavier than i should have been, but happily nothing alarming. I think I graduated around a size 8. Like so many others, the combination of college pressures and not fixing my own food caught up to me.

At 20, living in a sorority house with a greasy-spoon chef I hit 179 and then promptly decided to join the Air Force. According to them (and standard BMI charts) I couldn’t even sign up until I was under 150. Man, I ate a lot of baby carrots that summer! I joined Weight Watchers & a gym and by Dec I was officially an Air Force Officer Candidate. 6 months later I returned from Basic Training at 137lbs and a size 4-6.

Here’s where my twin specters of health and weight started tag-teaming me into the 8.5 year battle I’ve been fighting and losing. A torn ankle tendon plus marriage plus the stress of wartime military service created a desperate struggle to stay under my max weight. This desperation and lack of success, coupled with a truly horrific boss, obliterated my self- confidence.

I am still hoping to find it again.

Now, here I am, halfway through my second pregnancy weighing more than I ever thought possible. With my first I put on a whopping 57 lbs and never took 18 of it off. I’ve already gained 20 lbs and started to wonder…how far will I keep going down the wrong path? Do I really need to wait until after the baby comes before I start to take care of myself? Before I start to learn how to nourish and fuel my body? Before I honor my body, not necessarily just indulge it? Certainly being healthier in the last half of the pregnancy is better for me and the baby, right? And I HAVE to believe that less weight and more activity will ease my aching back and the lovely plantar fascitis that reared it’s ugly head last week.

So tonight I’m going to dust off the prenatal yoga DVD I bought and have never tried. I’m going to try to find a prenatal class to go to one evening a week. I’m taking my walking shoes to work on Tuesday and I’m going to talk to a friend of a friend who is a nutritionist. My goal is simple – stop going down this path. I want to fit into the clothes I wore on our 5th anniversary trip here in a year and a half when we celebrate our 10th anniversary. And we’ll see where we go from there.


Week 16 ramblings November 1, 2010

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Well, while every day is jam-packed and I feel like all I do is rush around, it seems like nothing blog worthy is happening.  But I’m stuck killing time at the moment, so brace yourself for some quality, stream-of-consciousness blogging.


Deuce is still cooking away – I go for my 16 wk check-up on Friday.  I swear I’ve already felt Deuce move, but it’s pretty sporadic.  I’m already getting tired of the question “How are you feeling?” though.  I know people mean well, but that question irks me to no end.  It’s as if all of a sudden all of my worth is wrapped up in the incubation of the little one.  And really, how do you answer it?  Do you lie and say, “I feel great” when you really haven’t slept a full 8 hrs in God-knows-when, you have back spasms and round ligament pains, and pee literally every 20 minutes?  Or do you respond honestly, but with WAY more information than the poor sap who asked you “how are you feeling?” wants or needs to know?  I’ve defaulted to a fake smile and “oh, hanging in there” as my response.  Hopefully I can restrain myself from hitting anyone who asks me unawares, because I still have a LOOOONNNNGGGG way to go!


Marc has decided that he’s having a baby sister.  We have to wait until the week after Thanksgiving to find out if he’s right.  Of course, he also claims to have a baby in his tummy, too, so…   ;-)


In other news, I’m on my 5th business trip in 4+ years with Motorola and 3 of them have been while pregnant (2 in the last 3 weeks!).  Ugh, flying while pregnant is not fun – even as early in the deal as I am.  Thank God I got aisle seats for both flights and that it’s only 2 hrs between Chicago and Boston.  I’ve never been to Boston before, so I’m hoping my colleague and I head toward the historic part for dinner.  We’re in a nice hotel right on the waterfront and I have a king bed all to myself tonight.  It slightly makes up for the cramped quarters on the flights.  I did my best to travel with just one bag for laptop and change of clothes, but those pesky toiletries that girls need got in the way of my plans.  I did manage with just my laptop rolling bag and a half-full duffel, so go me!  Alex will be proud.


Anyway, I need to get going for dinner.  Once I get back home and access to the Halloween pictures I’ll post about the events of last week.


Moving to man-on-man defense… October 7, 2010

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Well, World…you’ve got until April 18, 2011 to prepare yourself for the arrival of another Goebel!!


I’m thrilled to announce that we have a healthy 2.5 inch long, 13 wks along Peanut.  I’m feeling pretty good these days, but boy did we have a rough start.  Morning sickness that lasts all day is officially no bueno.   Apparently 25 mg of Vitamin B6 is the magic cure for nausea…now if I could just find some energy I’d be right as rain!


We’ve already started talking to Marc about the baby in Mommy’s tummy and he kisses my tummy good night.  Right now I take 2 of Marc’s gummy vitamins (one for me and one for the baby)  instead of a prenatal and Marc has started asking for an extra one for the baby in his tummy, too.  Mostly because he just wants an extra gummy, but I like his reasoning. :)  Deuce is due one week before Marc’s 3rd birthday, so we’re really hoping to nail the potty training thing down so we only have one kid in diapers at a time.


Speaking of birthdays, we’re going to have to make sure that we make an appropriately big deal about Marc’s birthday next year and not let the day center around the newborn in the house.  My little sister was born 3 days before my 4th birthday and I can remember her coming home on my birthday.   And while I love my sister a ton (Hi, Sarah!), it was a bit of a bummer to not be the star on “my” day.  And I’ve sworn that they each get their own “special day” with our little family.  Sarah and I had to agree on where to go for dinner and what to do for our birthdays and it just stunk.  So, they’ll each get their own dinner and activity.  They will have to share the larger family birthday party since all the grandparents live out-of-state, but as long as they each get a separate acknowledgement from me and Alex then I think that will be enough.  (as you can tell…I’ve thought a lot about this!)


Anyway, at least this way all my maternity clothes are for the right season and the kid’s clothes will be the right season, too.  We have to wait until the Monday after Thanksgiving to find out what flavor Deuce is – and oh, yes, we WILL find out!  I’m looking forward to knowing if Deuce is a boy or girl, but even more I’m excited to feel the bumps and flutters and kicks.  With the septum I had (which was removed during my c-section last time) Marc was stuck in the same position for a long time with very little room to tumble around, so I didn’t get a lot of the big movements that most Moms experience.  I’m so happy that Deuce has a nice big area to romp and play in.  And while they may be distracting/uncomfortable at times…I can not wait!


Back on the Wagon August 11, 2010

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So, I’m back on the fitness kick and determined to succeed this time! You can follow my journey on the Rebe’s Weight Loss page located here at the top of my blog.

Encouragement is appreciated!


Tiny Moments April 30, 2010

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Having a 2-year old is a roller-coaster ride.  They are such temperamental little beings that one never knows from one moment to the next what mood they’ll be in.  That being said, the sweet moments are oh, so sweet.  This post is my endeavor to capture some of those wonderful little moments before they are lost from my memory.

The Moon

A couple of months ago, Marc discovered the moon.  We had just walked out of his school and the moon was full and had already risen.  Marc noticed it, pointed and asked, “Balloon?”  “No, sweetie.  That’s the moon.”  And I swear to you, I saw the connection happen in his eyes.  “Moon!!” he squealed.  All that drive home he chattered about the moon and was very upset when the direction I was driving didn’t allow him to keep an eye on it.  As soon as we got home he told Daddy about it and had to show Dad what he had discovered.  Since then I’ve had to come up with creative ways of explaining why the moon isn’t visible in order to ease his distress (it’s hiding from the sun, it’s behind a cloud, it’s visit its Omi’s house) and we do nightly moon hunts on the driveway.  We have also resorted to Googling images of the moon so he can look at it whenever he wants.  This shows no sign of abating and I think it’s pretty cool.  It was so neat to be right there and see him connect the moon from his stories (Goodnight, Moon, etc.) to the real physical object and for his interest to grow and be sustained for such a period.


Marcus has a pet dinosaur who keeps him company on the (sometimes long) rides to and from our house to school.  It is a brontosaurus his Aunt Sarah gave him before he was born, but it is a recent favorite due to the new obsession with the book Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff.  Marc’s buddy looks like the dinosaur from the book, therefore it has been christened Danny and elevated in status to constant companion.  The other morning I was watching Marc in my “conversation” mirror in the car and he was happily chomping on his schnuckie (pacifier) with a death-grip around Danny’s skinny neck.  He looked at Danny and popped his schnuckie out of his mouth and into Danny’s.  He held it there for a second or two and then put it back into his mouth.  He repeated this once more and then moved on, satisfied that Danny’s need for a hit of schnuckie had been sated.  It had to be one of the absolute cutest things I’ve seen him do so far and seriously started my morning off on the right track.

Knight in Shining Armor

Marc has become my defender.  Alex was harassing me the other day and tackled me onto the bed (no worries, this is a PG blog, people) and started tickling me and therefore making me squeal.  Marc came charging up, yelling: “No, Daddy!  My mommy! Mine!”  He also gets territorial when Alex and I hug, trying to physically push us apart.  It’s pretty funny, in the moment.

Toddler Love

Marc has started giving big boy kisses.  Not the sloppy open-mouthed kiss of a baby, but a lips puckered, real little kiss.  It’s darling…when you can get him to do it.  He’s pretty good about giving me one when I drop him off in the mornings, but nothing’s ever a sure thing with him.  He’ll also say “Love you!” when prompted and has started giving unsolicited hugs.  Those are still pretty rare, but that just means they’re to be treasured that much more!



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